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Ivan Yaffe

Galactica (40x60)

Galactica (40x60)

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Acrylic on canvas

40 x 60

This piece symbolizes the human experience as an athlete. In this modern and fast-paced world, you see sports and athletes at faster speeds. An athlete is looked at as a highly capable human, training (yet straining) his mind and body daily and a lot more than the average human. The powerful discipline behind it is what allows an athlete to tap into his true senses within his own mind - he becomes close to a Cyborg, capable of thinking and executing at very high speeds with an accuracy and discipline that not many people contain. When you are able to dig deep into your mind, whether on or off the field, you have all the elements within you to experience this dimension and tap into your power.


*Please keep in mind that if you choose to frame your purchased artwork through Ivan Yaffe, this will cause a longer delivery time (as long as 2-3 weeks).

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