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Ivan Yaffe

Mémé Panchut(30 x 40)

Mémé Panchut(30 x 40)

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Mémé Panchut

Acrylic on canvas

30 x 40


Symbolizing George’s late grandmother, Mémé Panchut was a name everyone knew her by due to her nurturing, motherly character and her status within the family and Bamoun kingdom. Her strong features and timeless beauty are captured through bold, dark colors with neon shades for contrast to resemble her vibrant personality. Her eyes and mouth were placed away from the face to show the various dimensions of her that everyone had deep admiration for. The few tears streaming down resemble George’s deep emotional connection to the artwork, sharing the respect he has for such an influential and powerful African princess he is grateful to have been raised by. 

*Please keep in mind that if you choose to frame your purchased artwork through Ivan Yaffe, this will cause a longer delivery time (as long as 2-3 weeks). 

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