AKADI PDX Lighting, Flooring and Furniture Installation

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About AKADI PDX Lighting, Flooring and Furniture Install with Interior Design

The client at AKÂDI PDX needed a new flooring installation with additional furniture to create a multi-use space. The main goals of the client was to integrate flooring that can provide durability and longevity, use existing furniture while adding a few other main furniture components to design a lounge and VIP space for nightlife use. Priorities were to make it as easy as possible for employees to transition the space from restaurant setup to nightlife and events setup smoothly and efficiently. 


- My team and I completed a 2,000 sq ft flooring installation in 2 days to accommodate an expedited holiday schedule by the client 

- Designed the space with existing seating while adding furniture elements to create a functional and more interactive environment

- Created a multipurpose lounge area for an enhanced dining experience that transitions directly into a VIP setup with additional LED couch lights placed underneath for a soft effect

- All furniture was padded on bottom legs to help employees easily move furniture around the room without scratching or compromising the condition and longevity of the flooring

- Lighting and visual elements were added for various restaurant mood lighting while easily tranisitioning into nightlife lighting setup

- All audio and visual elements were set up through smart connectivity plugs and apps for seamless client control

- An AKÂDI branded grass wall with interior design elements like a standing lamp with decorations adds more light to the lobby area and can be used by patrons as an aesthetic backdrop

- Complete layout reset: redesign the flow of the restaurant to create more seating and use as a multipurpose venue

- Ivan Yaffe art canvases carefully selected to enhance each open space wall, including a custom piece that sits above the performance stage to enhance UV lighting for nightlife and events


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About Akadi Interior Design Revamp Client

An entire interior design revamp was done at AKADI PDX, a popular West African restaurant in Portland. The client's main goals were to give a cozy holiday feel to the restaurant but add other elements to transform into an entertainment space as well to attract customers for eating, drinking, watching sports, and hosting events. Upgraded elements like:

- Ambient lighting

- Additional entertainment components like televisions for sports viewing and promotional displays

- Soft holiday lighting that can be used year-round to accentuate the high beam structure of the space

- Color changing LED lighting to transition from a dinner crowd to an event and entertainment atmosphere

- Increased lighting at the bar to enhance space and improve bartender setup

- Integrated technology that syncs all lighting and other additional elements and controlled by the client through an app, giving easy access while adding value to business operations


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About Patio Lanai Interior Design Client

The client's goals were to transform her space into her own oasis to enjoy the outside part of her family home. A main priority was to make this space child-friendly, yet appealing to the client and her taste. Requesting a bohemian feel, upgrade elements like:

- Additional soft lighting added that can change colors to reflect the mood

- Low maintenance plants were added to give more life into the space along with a customized terrarium for the client to grow with her children

- LED candles were inIcluded for additional lighting without compromising safety to children in the area

- Wind/Sun shades were installed to make the space usable during warm and colder months, while providing more privacy to the additional outside area


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This residential interior design client had a new build layout to work with and wanted to fully utilize every space of the home. Highlights of this project:

- Converting the garage into a multipurpose space that acts as a working office, live art studio, workout area, and lounge/sleeping area

- Custom turf was placed in the garage to create padding while absorbing any spills but still making it easy to maintain and adds an earthy look

- Instead of a dinner table, a quiet area with decor was implemented to encourage an open-space layout

- A unique couch with complementing ottoman and additional seating elements to increase a comfortable atmosphere

- Large mirrors to expand the illusion of a bigger home and strategically placed to catch the natural light

- Balcony space creates an oasis and owners can enjoy the space during summer or winter months with a fireplace for heating and entertaining. Leftover turf was utilized in this space to create a more comfortable and cohesive environment with the addition of plants and a fountain with water plants

- Main bedroom utilizes natural light and high ceilings with a tall mirror and love seat to encourage lounging other than the bed

- Additional plants and other decor were added to the top windows to subtly add more design to the space without overcrowding