George Ivan Fochive  is a professional athlete and visual artist, based in Portland, Oregon, where he currently plays for the Portland Timbers.

Born in Washington, D.C. and spending his early years in Maryland, his family moved between the states and their homeland of Cameroon. He eventually spent his teenage years in France where he grew up with his older siblings.

As an acrylic artist, George uses his life experiences and world travels to express colorful and unique imagery. Attempting to capture moods and people as he personally sees them, George’s work provides dimension and sparks curiosity by his combinations of shapes and colors, all the way from neons to somber shades, from hypnotizing circles to plain squares.

The acrylic layers create depth and construct an elegant blend of abstract line art and color blocking, contriving a surrealism effect. Major influences for George involve his family’s tribal origins, a global experience of the world and the knowledge he has gained through immersion amongst different cultures. His studies in Europe involved a substantial focus on Arts and history, allowing George to gradually find a niche and develop over the years.

This collection,  “Call me Bantu”, aims to spark interest with bold and fluorescent colors, pouring inspirational visuals into every piece while aligning comforting elements that feel pleasant and welcoming. 

It is idiosyncratic, authentic, It is “Yaffe'' artwork -  simple, yet complimented by intrepid and eye-catching elements.

*Yaffe: Beautiful in Hebrew   יפה   

*Bantu: Bantus are an indigenous group of people in Africa that originated from West central Africa.